Standard Proving Rotors for Horizontal Machines

Proving rotors are used to verify the continued accuracy of a balancing machine, and can also be used to calibrate a hard-bearing machine. Owning a proving rotor saves rental costs for similar equipment, and allows the balancing machine user to verify performance of his own machine as often as production, machine usage, and quality programs require. This can be as often as several times per day to annually, depending on individual circumstances.


Standard Proving Rotors:
Standard rotors allow a known unbalance to be applied in two separate planes at various angles. Multiple weight sizes are provided to accommodate various machine sizes and speed ranges.


SAE Rotors:
SAE rotors are built to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standard ARP 4162. These rotors are required to evaluate a balancing machine's performance according to SAE standards (ARO 4048, ARP4050, ARP 5323). Evaluation in accordance with SAE standards is typically required in aerospace applications. SAE rotors are available upon request.  Please contact our SalesDepartment.

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See classifications for Standard Proving Rotors

See Classifications for SAE Proving Rotors


All rotors are manufactured to tolerances well within Schenck machine performance specifications, and are thus suitable as sold for the purposes stated.

Certification of critical rotor and test weight dimensions, traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is available for an additional charge, please contact our Sales Department. for more information regarding this service. Certification data is kept by Schenck Trebel for a minimum of 5 years from date of certification.

3.5 lb Test Rotor
With two 1 gram and two 5 gram test weights.  Suitable for horizontal machines up to 50 lbs capacity.

p/n 8997218
1 piece


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35 lb Test Rotor
With two 5 gram and two 50 gram test weights.  Suitable for horizontal machines from 100 lbs to 1500 lbs capacity.

p/n 8997187
1 piece


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110 lb Test Rotor
With two 10 gram and two 100 gram test weights.  Suitable for horizontal machines from 1500 lbs to 6500 lbs capacity.

p/n 8997190
1 piece


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Self Driven Rotor
With two .2 oz and two .5 oz test weights.  Suitable for horizontal machines up to 250 lbs capacity

p/n R084217.101

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